gerdgo ceramics

v/Trine Gerd Jørgensen

Kongevejen 5
3000 Helsingør

CVR no. 40691898


Quality over quantity! I work in my basement, experimenting and working on unique creations most of my day. This approach has helped me learn and develop a personal style in the craft of pottery and ceramics that I love.

I have a preference for simplicity and I love the structure of the clay itself, which means I often work with color and raw clay – my “colorraw” products.

Custom-made products

Custom pieces are made to order. Typically production time takes from two weeks to a month, depending on size and quantity. Please get in touch to talk about options. 

How to treat your ceramics

All products are food safe, unless otherwise is specified in the product description. They all handle the dishwasher, microwave and oven.